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"It ends with me."
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delta rae


Am I always on the edge of quitting?
Giving up and just forgetting
Everything I ever stood up for,
The LOVE that I have always lurked for?

The lions and the lambs are fighting
Waking up and reigniting
But I don't wanna FIGHT their old war
Give me something I can HoPe for

A former resident of the monster-populated Underground, Sans is just as quick with a bad joke as he is to evade any but the most superficial questions about his past and personal life. His permanent grin, carefree laziness, and easygoing exterior make it difficult to get a read on his psyche, and he works hard to keep it that way. Sans is not a skeleton that operates on extremes. He plays everything he is, from emotions to personal history, deeply close to the chest. In his experience, forming attachments too often opens a window for oneself to become damaged when those attachments get damaged in turn and, ultimately, it is utterly psychologically exhausting to care.

He arrived in Hadriel immediately following his death in one of the dustiest, most violent pathways imaginable. Having some vestigial knowledge of the world in which he lives and the values that change to adjust for certain choices the human makes, Sans became the self-appointed Judge of the human's SOUL, gauging whatever EXP or LOVE they may have accrued in their Underground journey. An implied scientific background hints that he has some temporal awareness of previous LOADs and RESETs, though much of his knowledge is based on deduction and intuition rather than hard memory. In this particular path, however, he became aware that if the human continued to kill everything in the Underground, this could trigger an anomalous event that would cause everything - space, time, spacetime, and every infinite temporal possibility - to end. Faced with this knowledge, Sans did the one thing he thought he would never have to do: take action to prevent the outcome, even if he knew that it would be useless. The human was armed with determination and limitless tries, and he couldn't keep dodging forever. Only when faced with the absolute cessation of all existence did Sans actively stand in the human's way.

As he did with most things he attempted, he failed.

It's time to do a little bit better.

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