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sans. ([personal profile] skelebro) wrote2016-06-05 09:38 am
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backtagging: always
threadhopping: always, assuming everyone involved is cool w it
fourthwalling: no thanks
canon-puncture: given sans's medium awareness, i am more than ok with this.
offensive subjects: none for me

hugging this character: sure. if you don't mind pointy ribs
kissing this character: cheeksmooches only probably. unless you want to try kissing that grin for some reason
flirting with this character: he'll be too lazy to follow up but sure
sexing this character up: you can't fuck a skeleton. you gonna stick your junk in some bones? fuck you
fighting with this character: sure. he's more likely to avoid a fight whenever possible though
injuring this character: sure but ask first. he's pretty flimsy.
killing this character: see above
using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: you can try. no guarantee his mind is anything like a human's. also no guarantee that his puns and the absurd amount of medium awareness won't drive the mind-reader up the wall.
nothing likely to crop up a whole lot. he's existentially depressed but covers it up pretty well.


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